Six Seconds , risultati anche nell’esercito degli Stati Uniti

Da una lettera di Joshua Freedman, l’uomo straordinario che mi ha certificato Trainer in Intelligenza Emotiva:

Hi Andrea,

I’ve just posted an in-depth case study about one of the larger emotional intelligence initiatives we’ve undertaken. This 18-month project focused on equipping change agents within the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard with tools for the “people side” of change. If you’ve read Max Ghini & my book, INSIDE CHANGE, you’ll have seen a preview of this project. Here’s more!
– Josh

Case: EQ in the Navy and Marine Corps – Accelerating Change with Emotional Intelligence

In an 18-month project to equip leaders with new insights and tools for the people-side of change, this initiative created a 43% increase in participants’ readiness to cope with the complexities of organizational transformation.

The US military continues to undergo significant change to address the changing global context. Just as many companies face the need to become more adaptable and transformational, the armed services are engaged in similar rethinking and restructuring. For example, for hundreds of years sailors have served on a particular ship; now sailors will move between ships as needed – creating a complex and dynamic workplace team in a high-challenge, high-risk, high-stakes context. Section IX of the National Security Strategy of the United States mandates transforming America’s military to meet the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.

The US Navy Chaplain Corps serves the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. One of the Corps critical responsibilities is to advise commanders and assist them in managing the readiness and wellbeing of the warriors and sailors in these services. In this role, the Chaplains and their enlisted aides (“RPs”) are heavily involved in the human side of the changes.

Under the direction of Rear Admiral Robert Burt, the Chief of Chaplains from 2006-2010, the Corps undertook a series of initiatives to better equip the Corps for understanding and managing the human and emotional dynamics of change. In a letter introducing the 3-day program outlined below, Chaplain Burt explained the goals:

“As the Sea Services revolutionize to meet tomorrow’s national security challenges and the Global War on Terror, every aspect of how we employ our forces, fight wars, plan program resources, build and modernize the fleet, and manage personnel is being re-examined. This year’s Professional Development Training Course, “Ministry Tools for Times of Change,” will equip you to leverage the ministry opportunities presented by periods of significant transformation.

Understanding change and its effect on individuals as well as the institution is critical for mission readiness and ministry effectiveness. To do so, it is vital that we are able to recognize the mode important elements for success in a rapidly changing environment.”

Six Seconds was invited to deliver a two-day workshop for senior commanders on emotional intelligence and change. David Tubley, a Chaplain in the Corps, had previously attended the Six Seconds EQ Certification and Advanced Certification programs; he was assigned to serve as a partner in the customizing the course content to the needs of the military culture and worked with Six Seconds throughout the implementation.

The two-day “Inside Path to Change” workshop was delivered to a group of senior Navy and Marine Corps officers and RPs, including officers from the Navy Education Training Command. Following this initial pilot, Six Seconds was commissioned to:

Develop a customized 1-day introductory version of The Inside Path to Change focusing on the theory of EQ and change.
Deliver a Train-the-Trainer program to 20 officers with experience in training
Support the officers to deliver the 1-day program to approximately 1000 Chaplains, RPs, and staff.
Customize a 3-day followup program called “Ministry Tools for Times of Change” focusing on tools for increasing awareness and managing human dynamics of change.
Deliver the Ministry Tools for Times of Change in fleet concentration areas the US and world.



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